News Catalogue 2016 / 2017
The new balustrade accessories and glass fittings catalog has been sent to our customers and will be valid from 6 June 2017 onwards. With the appearance of this catalog all previously published catalogues lose their validity.

We hope you like our new split rosettes, the extra long 90 degree connection plates, the wall and floor anchors, the circular cups, the end caps with the fixed support, the angular point holders and various other new components.

We would like to mention our completely newly developed counterparts at this point. These allow the use of our E-Opener without it causing height offset problems.

Between the lock and the counterbox. These products can be used with or without E-opener, right and left, and are available in steel and stainless steel.

Furthermore, the long steel and stainless steel door racks, the new components for canopies, the adjustable wall brackets and the angular point brace. Discover all these and many more novelties in the catalog as well as in our online shop, where these products have already been introduced.

All products are immediately available from stock as per usual. In addition to new items, old components have also been improved. For example with thesaddle connections we have added a recess to accommodate a rivet nut. Small details that make these products even more practical

An excerpt of the new items with a page reference, can be found in the catalog in the table of contents. Please replace your old catalog with the new one and get an overview of what we currently have on offer. If you do not have the new catalog, or if you would like more copies, please let us know. ABZ Info
The general building supervisory approval Z-70.5-183, issued in October 2012, was extended in March of this year by 5 years. We have already worked intensively with the technical possibilities in advance and have incorporated several innovations.

On the one hand we have integrated a fourth installation situation for the holders. Mounting of the glass holders can now also partly take place on the upper and lower chord between the posts. A variant which has been much desired by our customers in the past.
The new glass holder model 50L and model 50R are now approved by the building authorities. Further extensions concern the material 1.4462, a new connection radius for 48.3 mm pipes and variable dimensions when mounting the brackets to the uprights or upper and lower straps.

The tables in the back of the approval are not applicable. With the aid of these tables and the value for the wind loads to be considered at the site of operation, the dimensions for the maximum disk widths, with the use of the holders in the outside area, could be determined relatively simply.

This however would lead to over-regulation by the authorities, as these values could also be calculated. Therefore, this information is no longer included and the static values of the clamping holders are indicated in the approval.

With the aid of a staticator, the maximum disk sizes could be determined with these characteristic values. This approach seems to us to be somewhat too uncomfortable. For this reason, as of now, we are offering our customers a sample statism with corresponding tables in addition to the ABZ.

Archiv News 2016 Catalogue 2016 / 2017

The new catalogue for railing accessories and glass fittings will be sent to our customer base and will be valid from the 9th of May . With the appearance of this catalogue all previously published catalogues become invalid.

Over 220 pages we have put together an extensive selection with more than 130 new items. We have kept the catalogue layout the same so our customers can find the products they are looking for without problems.

Completely new in the selection are products from the Fischer company with European technical approval. In recent years, many of our anchor plates and discs have been changed to use modern fastening technology and we can now offer these products directly.

In the table of contents we highlight these innovative additions with a thumbnail image and page reference. All new products are of course available for immediate shipment and can be recommended by us without restriction .

Please replace your old catalogue with the new one and get an overview of the current selection . If you have not yet received the new catalogue, or if you need additional copies, please send us a message.

Archiv News 2015 Catalog extension 2015 / 2016
We have again expanded the range of products in our assortment since the last catalogue was brought out. Even before we release the newest catalogue we want to make these products available to you and have released an extension to our current catalogue.

We want to bring your attention especially to the new end caps for construction pipes with a wall thickness of up to 4.0 mm. The accuracy of products with end caps that are glued is only possible trough deviations in standard construction pipes.

One of our models of die-cast aluminium door handles has been removed from our range. We have replaced this with, in our opinion, a more luxurious model with stainless steel screw. We have also added two new knobs with square holes.

In addition to that we have some new ball and rods holders which will further complete our program. All new products are immediately available from stock and from the online shop. If you have any questions about the products don't hesitate to contact us! 2015 / 2016 catalogue
The new catalogue for railing accesories and glass fittings will be send to our customerbase and will be valid from June 2015. With the appearance of this catalogue all previously distributed catalogues will be void.

More than 200 pages and more than 180 new products are waiting for you. Our own Universal canopyset was supplemented by a smaller product with 12 mm rods. In the glass holders range the model 40 has been extended to the 48-pipe connection and the Model 20 to the clamping force of 8.76 mm glass.

The steelparts- and locking assortment was extended with many new products and we significantly expanded the range of accessories with high quality abrasives. In the steel and stainless steel range we have new anchor plates in 8 and 10 mm.

For an excerpt of the accesories with a page reference, please see the table of contents in the catalogue. All new products are of course available for immediate shipment and can be recommended by us without restriction.

Please replace your old catalog with the new one and get an overview of the current offerings. If you have not yet recieved the new catalogue or if you need additional copies please contact us and we will mail them to you as soon as possible. Certification 2015
In April 2015, the company Beurskens by TÜV Rheinland became ISO 9001 and DIN EN 1090 certified. This makes it easier to meet the requirements of new European standards for our customers.

Existing incoming goods inspection and quality assurance systems have been audited by external staff and have been further optimized. All processes were covered, where neccesary completely revised and additionally fully documented.

With these certificates, you our customer, can prove you have purchased from a certified supplier. In the download area you can find the certificates for your documents. Onlineshop 2015
The online portal for our customerbase is open. Access to our online shop is exclusively available to our customers. We protect our customer base and we protect our jobs.

Here customers have the option to have a closer look at all our products than in our catalogue. Nearly all of our products have pictures and drawings and provide a better overview

In addition to the extra images it is also possible to make factual and technical information about our products available, making details and connections better understood.

Ask today for your login details and take advantage of our webshop.

Archiv News 2014 2014 / 2015 catalogue

The new railing accessories and glass fittings catalogue has been sent to our customers and becomes effective after 16 May 2014. The publication of this catalogue renders all previously published catalogues ineffective.

All parts from the past supplements and many new products are available for immediate delivery. More than 200 pages and more than 100 new articles are waiting for you. In addition to the new products, some old parts have been considerably improved.

Our newly developed plate supports can deal with thicknesses of 1.5 to 4 mm and are fastened with M8 screws. The stainless steel knobs for lock housings habe been completely revised and supplemented by a square version.

Please, exchange your old catalogue against the new one and get an overview of our current programme. Please, contact us if you did not get the new catalogue or need more copies. Duplex steel glass clamps

Our officially approved glass clamps can be also used now at swimming-pools, busy streets and by the sea because we are now providing them as well made of duplex steel.

This stainless steel, material number 1.4462, distinguishes itself by its very high stability. It is much sturdier than V4A and achieves the highest corrosion resistance class.

The two models 40 and 55 are useful in almost any common situation, for a very fair price. These included, we have an ideal portfolio for our customers in those areas, too. Handrail support with clip rosette

In the handrail supports area our product range was extended by 3 new models with clip rosettes. This product's cover rosette is easily attached and can be any time removed. The baseplate is a 70 x 4 mm disc with two 8.5 x 10 mm oblong holes.

The bracket is solidly screwed on this disc and secured with glue against the parts twisting or coming apart. A fitting rosette is included in delivery.

If you need any other variations of this handrail support for your customers, we can supply the clip disc used here also as a single part. Add up to 5 different brackets or 12 different connection discs.
Archiv News 2013 Catalog extension 2013 / 2014

As we continue to develop new accessories for our customers and pass them on to our warehouse we repeatedly bring up components which are immediately available from stock after publication of the catalog.

We currently have over 30 new parts prepared for you again. The informations about these goods were shipped to all our customers with the catalog extension 2013/2014 on October 01, 2013.

It is wall anchor of steel for welding, end caps for example for 40 x 60 x 2 mm stainless steel square tube, long sleeves for wall anchors, mounting plates and several welding lugs.

Please put this catalog extension to your main catalog. Should this not be available anymore please request a new one here. We always attach the new extension to our catalog sendings. Lasing instead of punching

We believe that laser-cut round and anchor plates are faster and easier to use, that's why we now produce almost all punchings by this manufacturing technology.

We have already laser-cut many of these product groups in the past. Due to the positive feedback we have decided to pursue this course to the end.

We hope that you will appreciate these advantages in processing and that you will like the quality of laser-cut products. Only in the small stainless steel plates Ø 33 and 42 with 12 mm bore we deviate against it for cost reasons.

Laser-cut products with clean cut edges instead of punched products with sharp edges. No distortion of the material from occurring punching forces any more. Stainless steel round plates and anchor plates of 10 mm thick material

Metal sheet thicker than 8 mm could not be used in stainless steel punching so far or was simply too uneconomical. The expenses for tools and wear could not be predicted.

Since we have begun to laser-cut these products, though, we can also provide stainless steel round and anchor plates as thick as 10 mm.

These prefabricated parts meet highest demands for stability. Some holes were made wide enough to permit push-through installation or adhesive systems.

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